How to help?

Each event should be unique. Based on this concept, we at Rodyan Events initiate each project from new insights to ensure the best service tailored to our client’s needs. Once you choose Rodyan Events, you will notice how passionate and committed we are to making your dreams come true.

Sound Systems

Whether the audience at your event is small or in the thousands, we at Rodyan Production can provide a wide range of sound systems that will make your voice sound like music to their ears.

Lighting Systems

Your great atmosphere will be illuminated by state of the art lighting technology provided by specialized technicians at Rodyan Events. Whatever your event, stunning effects can be achieved both inside and outside of any venue.

Large Screens

We provide the latest big screens to make your event is attractive and take it to a level that will keep your audience engaged and enhance the quality of your videos and images.


We provide the best photography and videography services delivered by our specialized, experienced and highly skilled team of photographers and producers. We make sure that our client’s best moments are captured in a well-executed shot.

Stages and Podiums

The focus of a great event is the stage. we at Rodyan Events can design an eye-catching stage that is not only tailor-made to suit your event's needs but one that will make it the beating heart of your even.

Promotional Gifts

We do not see the end of an event as the end of your audience's amusement. Therefore, we help our clients to provide promotional merchandise so their audiences don't go home empty-handed.

Design and Printing

Brochures play a key role in events delivering your story and vision. We at Rodyan Events go beyond all expectations in providing innovative publications on which your logo and identity will be clearly and creatively displayed.


Our partnership with the most luxurious hotels, restaurants and dining houses in the city, gives our clients the VIP treatment as they indulge in a variety of gastronomic experiences.


Rodyan Event’s creativity is not just limited to the event's venue. We also arrange logistics such as flight booking, accommodation, transportation, registration, interpretation, statistics and on-site organisation etc.

There are events and there are exceptional events.
Rodyan Events only do the latter.

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